Picture Gallery for Tue 2005-02-22 21:06:35 UTC

Click to enlargeAt the meeting.
Click to enlargeAfter a long morning in the meeting, Jeff gets some excersize.
Click to enlargeBalloon base.
Click to enlargeWaiting for lunch.
Click to enlargeMark and Jeff return from a success lunch-obtaining mission.
Click to enlargeUnpacking lunch. The two large jars contain the sweetest ice tea in existence.
Click to enlargeUnpacking lunch.
Click to enlargeLocal flora.
Click to enlargeThe moon over the airport.
Click to enlargeThe crane safely stowed in the crane hole.
Click to enlargeThe Texas building.
Click to enlargeThe visitor center.
Click to enlargeLooking through the main gate at the west side of the base.
Click to enlargeNSBF sign.
Click to enlargeThe fire system water tower.
Click to enlargeBLAST outside the staging building.
Click to enlargeSun through the solar arrays.
Click to enlargeWaiting for Barth to finish his tests.
Click to enlargeBLAST edge on. It looks a little odd with no chin.
Click to enlargeWhat blast would look like if we motorised it, and added a cab. It would make shipping a lot easier: we could just drive the telescope down the highway.
Click to enlargeWaiting around to take a picture.
Click to enlargeJeff and Jaspaul relax on the forklift.
Click to enlargeBLAST back inside.
Click to enlargeGaelen hangs the gondola on the hook.
Click to enlargeAfter meeting party in Matt's hotel room.
Click to enlargeMarie through her magnifying glass.
Click to enlargeMark and Enzo.
Click to enlargeThe Masterburger.
Click to enlargeWaiting for pecan waffles and grits at the Pitt Grill.
Click to enlargeThe waffles have arrived. The butter supply is more than adequate.

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