Picture Gallery for Thu 2005-02-17 17:49:11 UTC

Click to enlargeBarth tries to figure out why he can't read the solar array voltages properly.
Click to enlargeMarco and Marie repair the espresso machine, which was damaged on the way here.
Click to enlargeCrane inspection.
Click to enlargeThe 5 ton crane passes inspection.
Click to enlargeEnzo makes a right ascension/declination globe.
Click to enlargeMarie talking to Adam.
Click to enlargeBarth and Enzo hard at work.
Click to enlargeEnzo reinstalls lambda, the computer we'll be leaving here in Texas to act as out interface to the TDRSS satellite network after the gondola disappears over the horizon in Sweden.
Click to enlargeEnzo and Jaspaul manhandle the cryostat in an attempt to better seal the window.
Click to enlargeMatt tops off the nitrogen tank.
Click to enlargeMarco entertains us.
Click to enlargeMy badge. I look surprisingly like an S.

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