Picture Gallery for Mon 2005-02-14 17:31:37 UTC

Click to enlargeMarie's cup o' gruel.
Click to playA view of the receiver side of the bay.
Click to enlargeNapping on the grass.
Click to enlargePalestine Herald-Press
Click to enlargeEnzo ties up the gondola.
Click to enlargeLooking outside.
Click to enlargeEnzo and Marie prepare dinner.
Click to enlargeGaelen takes some pictures.
Click to enlargeMoooon!
Click to enlargeLooking east at sunset.
Click to enlargeThe barbeque begins.
Click to enlargeEnzo tries to jury-rig the light to stay on.
Click to enlargeEnzo's solution to the light switch problem.
Click to enlargeMatt barbequeing.
Click to enlargeMarie and Marco.
Click to enlargeTwilight (by Gaelen).
Click to enlargeTwilight.
Click to enlargeTwilight.
Click to enlargeTwilight.
Click to enlargeFood! Yay! (And beer.)
Click to enlargeMore star camera tests. Not yay.
Click to enlargePlaying poker.
Click to enlargeAfter several unproductive hours of star camera problems, Enzo pulls out the grappa.

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