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Click to enlargeBatteries venting electrolytes.
Click to enlargeBatteries venting electrolytes.
Click to enlargeNot being able to go inside due to potentially dangerous chemicals being expelled from the batteries, Marco, Matt and Marie decide to mod Jaspaul's car.
Click to enlargeThe NSBF water tower.
Click to enlargeJaspaul manhandles the gondola into place.
Click to enlargeAfter being doused in potassium hydroxide and then cleaned with vinegar, the fake sun is shinier than we've ever seen it. So, I guess, the exploding batteries wasn't a complete loss...
Click to enlargeMark forks off the secondary.
Click to enlargeRemoving the scoop.
Click to enlargeCraning the million dollar mirror across the bay.
Click to enlargeThe gondola in mirror acceptance position.
Click to enlargeDeciding how to mount the mirror.
Click to enlargeGaelen and Jeff expose the mounting plate on the bottom of the mirror.
Click to enlargeExtra mirror hardware.
Click to enlargeGetting ready to hoist the mirror into place.
Click to enlargeSlowly lowering the mirror.
Click to enlargeBolting the mirror onto the gondola.
Click to enlargeMarie operates the crane from the crane operator's chair.
Click to enlargeInspecting the secondary mirror.
Click to enlargeJaspaul, Matt, and Marco carefully move the secondary mirror into place as Mark and Jeff watch from behind.
Click to enlargeMark and Jeff try to align the secondary.
Click to enlargeSecuring the secondary.
Click to enlargeBack to Lowe's for more Spongebob paint.
Click to enlargeMaybe painting the gondola Tartar Sauce would look nice?
Click to enlargeHitchhikers may be escaping inmates. A favourite of many scientists who come to the balloon base.
Click to enlargeJeff's favourite sign.
Click to enlargeLittering is unlawful.
Click to enlargeIf you drive by a standalone boot store at least once a day, chances are you're in Texas.
Click to enlargeGaelen and Jaspaul create the mirror cover.
Click to enlargeMark's new poncho?
Click to enlargeFit test of the mirror cover.
Click to enlargeFit test of the mirror cover.
Click to enlargeMirror cover on the mirror.
Click to enlargeIt's starting to look like a telescope.

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