Picture Gallery for Thu 2005-02-10 22:27:33 UTC

Click to enlargeSun sensor camera innards.
Click to enlargeSun sensor camera innards.
Click to enlargeIn what's become something of a tradition, Matt rewelds the outer frame cooling system plumbing.
Click to enlargeBattery testing.
Click toplayThe canoncial shot of oxygen dripping off the liquid helium line.
Click to enlargeHelium fill.
Click to enlargeMatt checks the cryostat.
Click toplaySetting up for another transfer.
Click to enlargeMarie and Gaelen working on the transmitter relay box.
Click toplayThe sequel (punchline?) to the previous movie.
Click to enlargeSpongebob paint?
Click to enlargeMarco, Gaelen and Matt trying to figure out the gondola thermometry.
Click to enlargeMarie labels the transmitter relay box.
Click to enlargeThe transmitter relay box opened up, and with a new coat of paint.
Click to enlargeOur music system now has an iPod plugin.
Click to enlargeMore star camera tests. Note the star streaking due to windy conditions in the highbay.
Click to enlargeOur dinner spot. Matt thought about emailing them from his phone to ask for a table as we waited at the entrance.
Click to enlargeMark removes the transfer tube from the cryostat.

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