Picture Gallery for Wed 2005-02-09 16:54:40 UTC

Click to enlargeFriday: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport baggage carousel B30.
Click to enlargeBarth waits for the Rental Car Shuttle.
Click to enlargeThe state of the high-bay, Friday evening.
Click to enlargeSaturday: Matt connects the big mechanical pump.
Click to enlargeChecking to see if the pump works.
Click to enlargeAlthough it might look like Barth's buying a CD, he's actually working on flight code.
Click to enlargeThe BLAST sound system found a place for itself on top of the radioactive cabident.
Click to enlargeMark poses for the camera.
Click to enlargeMark and Jeff prepare the new 500 micron bolometer array for insertion into the cryostat.
Click to enlargeThe optics box awaiting the insertion of the array. The shiny bits in the back are mirrors #3 and #5. The circular thing in front of them is the back of mirror #4 (the lyot stop, with a termometer attached to it. To the left are the filters.
Click to enlargeSunday: The Ramada Limited, our home away from home, includes complimentary breakfast, HBO, micro-fridge and defensive driving.
Click to enlargeThe state of the gondola on Sunday afternoon: the star cameras have been mounted.
Click to enlargeSuperbowl party.
Click to enlargeMonday: A door-bug.
Click to enlargeMatt takes a look at lambda, the TDRSS computer left here from Boomerang.
Click to enlargeMarco gives Ms. Pacman a go.
Click to enlargeAfter briefly mounting the pivot we brought it back down to allow Marco to work on the slip-ring passthrough.

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