Severe Weather Conditions

The general state of the weather, and resultant restrictions on travel, at McMurdo Station are divided into three Severe Weather Conditions. The current weather condition is posted in public areas, broadcast on television and radio and also available on the web. You can also ask at the firehouse for the current weather condition.

Severe Weather Condition 3

Weather: Condition 3
Wind:< 88 km/h
W'Chill:> −60°C
Vis:> 400 m

This is good weather. No travel restrictions apply.

Severe Weather Condition 2

Weather: Condition 2
Wind:88–100 km/h
W'Chill:−73– −60°C
Vis:30–400 m

High winds, low windchill or low visibility occurring or imminent. Travellers must check in with the firehouse prior to departure and again upon return. Recreational travel is prohibited.

Severe Weather Condition 1

Weather: Condition 1
Wind:> 100 km/h
W'Chill:< −73°C
Vis:< 30 m

Very high winds, very low windchill or very low visibility occurring or imminent. Travelling is prohibited, except for "mission critical" travel, with approval of the McMurdo Station brass.