Picture Gallery for Tue 2007-01-30 19:02:05 UTC

Click to enlargeRobo Frosty
Click to enlargeFrosty Boy decked out for Christmas.
Click to enlargeChris gets a postcard for us from Matt and Nick in Palestine
Click to enlargeThe message from Palestine.
Click to enlargeEd on the LC-130 Hercules.
Click to enlargeMe on the same.
Click to enlargeLooking forward in the Herc.
Click to enlargeLooking towards the back of the Herc. The airmen are setting up bunks to sleep on.
Click to enlargeThe southern ocean.
Click to enlargeAnother shot of life on the Herc.
Click to enlargeOur LC-130 on the ground in Christchurch after a successful, boring flight. Behind you can see the C-17 which we were supposed to fly out on, but was grounded in New Zealand due to the threat of bad weather at McMurdo.
Click to enlargeChrist Church, again.
Click to enlargeA penguin bus.
Click to enlargeBack in Christchurch. Lots of vegetation.
Click to enlargeWaiting for the flight to Auckland in Christchurch airport.
Click to enlargeA sparrow in Auckland Airport.
Click to enlargeEd and I montior the flight from the airport.
Click to enlargeAn FTC elevator at LAX.
Click to enlargeWaiting at LAX for my flight to Toronto.
Click to enlargeA lot of chairs on the third floor of the highbay where my desk used to be.
Click to enlargeThe new machine shop cum storage area.
Click to enlargeA random picture of the ROM.

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