Picture Gallery for Wed 2006-12-20 19:15:23 UTC

Click to enlargeWaiting for launch.
Click to enlargeChris tries Marie's sweater.
Click to enlargeHoley G10.
Click to enlargeBLAST sporting the BLAST pinup, drawn by Adam Rex.
Click to enlargeCanadian hockey tape (incongruously made in the USA).
Click to enlargeLDB Galley Menu.
Click to enlargeA skua waits outside the McMurdo galley for lunch—other people's.
Click to enlargeThe dump trucks, Shirley Marie and Romulus.
Click to enlargeThe Ice Maiden (a belly scraper).
Click to enlargeBubba the forklift. "I brake for beakers." ("Beaker" refers to scientists.)
Click to enlargeThe Chapel of the Snows gears up for Christmas.

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