Picture Gallery for Sun 2006-12-17 19:47:25 UTC

Click to enlargeBarth ties off some aircraft webbing.
Click to enlargeLooking up at the extension to the sun shields made to accomodate the back balance tank when the elevation is at its highest.
Click to enlargeWinter Quarters Bay, with the Ice Pier ready to go.
Click to enlargeA line of dorms.
Click to enlargeLooking across the ice.
Click to enlargeJeff and Enzo consider Winter Quarters Bay.
Click to enlargeA really small screw I found in my pocket. (US quarter for scale.) As it turns out, it fell out of my camera.
Click to enlargeDiscussing launch plans. (Barth is on the phone with Enzo.)
Click to enlargeDiscussing launch plans.
Click to enlargeBarth inside the gondola to put the last connector in the PV.
Click to enlargeIn case McMurdo ever runs out of ice, they have ice machines!
Click to enlargeAn unusually empty Highway 1 at four in the morning.
Click to enlargeSun over Ob Hill.

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