Picture Gallery for Sun 2006-11-26 20:00:16 UTC

Click to enlargeA long line of snowmobiles.
Click to enlargeHut Point from offshore.
Click to enlargeThe welcome to McMurdo sign.
Click to enlargeThe welcome to McMrudo sign. Note the face in the ice.
Click to enlargeA convoy of snowmobiles and another tracked vehicle head out on the Cape Evans Road.
Click to enlargeMcMurdo.
Click to enlargeThe Ice Runway airfield. At left are four LC-130 "Hercules". At right is a retrofitted DC-3.
Click to enlargeEd checks out the ice. In the distance is the western shore of Hut Point Peninsula.

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(5220x1298, 3461.43 kb) The western side of Hut Point Peninsula from the Ice Runway road. Below Grey Dome are the Danger Slopes where Seaman Geo. Vince perished during Scott's first expedition. Vince's cross is is on Hut Point. Behind Hut Point is McMurdo, and behind that is Fortress Rocks with th T-site on top. At right is Observation Hill and Cape Armitage.

Click to enlargeGaelen, Ed, Matt and Chris Field walk back to town along the Ice Runway road.
Click to enlargeA better view of the 130s.
Click to enlargeMcMurdo again.
Click to enlargeSeveral helicopters at the helipad.
Click to enlargeAttaching the solar array in the morning.

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