Picture Gallery for Fri 2006-11-24 21:59:00 UTC

Click to enlargeEd shows Matt and Chris some photos of his trip here.
Click to enlargeThe sun shields off the gondola and tipped forward for mounting of the sun shield panels.
Click to enlargeThe primary mirror with Mark Halpern's baffle (aka the beard).
Click to enlargeChecking out Chris Field's ATV.
Click to enlargeThe BLAST team in front of Erebus. From left: Gaelen Marsden (UBC), Don Wiebe (Toronto), Marco Viero (Toronto), Mark Devlin (Penn), Ed Chapin (UBC), Enzo Pascale (Toronto), Chris Semisch (Penn), Matt Truch (Brown), Nick Thomas (Miami), Marie Rex (Penn), Barth Netterfield (Toronto), Mark Halpern (UBC).
Click to enlargeAnother shot of the same. All these group shots were taken by Chris Field, who we managed to run into as we were setting up.
Click to enlargeDitto.
Click to enlargeThe other way, with White Island in the background. Again, from left: Barth Netterfield (Toronto), Chris Semisch (Penn), Ed Chapin (UBC), Nick Thomas (Miami), Don Wiebe (Toronto), Marie Rex (Penn), Matt Truch (Brown), Mark Halpern (UBC), Mark Devlin (Penn), Marco Viero (Toronto), Enzo Pascale (Toronto), Gaelen Marsden (UBC).
Click to playLife in the Highbay. People are looking at the group photos which were taken with Gaelen's camera.
Click to enlargeOb Hill between dorms 208 and 209.

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