Picture Gallery for Thu 2006-11-23 21:44:58 UTC

Click to enlargeMark, Enzo and Marie try to debug detector noise.
Click to enlargeNick, Gaelen and Matt check the solar array panels.
Click to enlargeANITA being taken out again.
Click to enlargeMark and Barth at coffee.
Click to enlargeANITA hanging on The Boss.
Click to enlargeChecking another panel.
Click to enlargeChecking another panel.
Click to enlargeThe Boss drives away, very slowly.
Click to playThe Boss drives away, very slowly.
Click to enlargeMark cleans the primary.
Click to enlargeThe shipping label on the side of the Mechanical Building.
Click to enlargeLunch was like having a real Thanksgiving, except it was November.
Click to enlargeSnow blowing around the galley.
Click to enlargeBlowing snow.
Click to enlargeMore noise tests.
Click to enlarge5 Rules for Gracious Living in Antarctica.
Click to enlargeGaelen plays the Scott Base guitar.
Click to enlargeThe view from Scott Base is better than the one from McMurdo.

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(6184x1432, 4504.69 kb) Gaelen, Matt and Marie head back from Scott Base. The view from Scott Base is nicer than the one from McMurdo. White Island, Black Island and Mount Discovery are in the background.

Click to enlargePressure Ridges. In the distance is the LDB Camp and ANDRILL.
Click to enlargeThe kiwi helicopter.
Click to enlargeA truck being unloaded by the batmobile of fork lifts.
Click to enlargeLooking back down at Scott Base.
Click to enlargeUp at the Scott Base sign.
Click to enlargeMatt walks by White Island. Notice the light an dark striping on the ice due to the clouds.
Click to enlargeThe Cosray hut, about halfway between McMurdo and Scott Base.
Click to enlargeOb Hill.
Click to enlargeYou've seen the orange helium tankers before. The other tank contains 3000 litres of liquid helium, which is more than we need.
Click to enlargeAccording to the truck scale, Marie, Matt, Gaelen and I weigh a combined 760 lbs. I'm not sure how accurate this is.

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