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Click to enlargeA picture of Matt on the container at 150 meters which was taken by the star camera, transmitted though the air, received by the CSBF groundstation, and sent back to us as a webserver via ethernet.
Click to enlargeA better picture of the same, which hasn't been transmitted through anything.
Click to enlargeSetting up the X-Y stage at 150 meters.
Click to enlargeThe Boss ready to pick up ANITA.
Click to enlargeThe Boss and BLAST.
Click to enlargeA very large ANITA receiver on a very small (but beefy) tripod.
Click to enlargeANITA outside for some tests.
Click to enlargeSBI waits on the snow. They had to remove SBI first to get ANITA, which was behind it, out of the bay.
Click to enlargeGetting ready to put SBI back.
Click to enlargePushing ANITA back inside.
Click to enlargePushing ANITA back inside.
Click to enlargeLifting SBI back up to put it inside as well.
Click to enlargeMcMurdo from above.
Click to enlargeThe same, further up the hill.
Click to playA LC-130 takes off from the ice runway.
Click to enlargeFurther up still.
Click to enlargeThe ice runway.
Click to enlargeLooking over the Fortress Rocks at Castle Rock, with Erebus behind it.
Click to enlargeMark, Matt, me, Marie, Nick and Gaelen at the top of Ob Hill, next to Scott's Cross.
Click to enlargeMarie, Gaelen, Nick and the cross.
Click to enlargeLooking out towards the LDB camp at Willy Field. Scott Base is at left.

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(13574x1287, 9033.73 kb) The view from the top of Observation Hill. The cut is northeastward, in the middle of Mount Terror. There are two roads at left, the lower one is the Scott Base Road. The upper one heads to the T-Site, which can be seen at right. Scott Base, on Pram Point, can bee seen just in front of the pressure ridges. In the distance is the LDB Camp at Willy Field. Another road down the hill to the ice can bee seen directly below LDB Camp. This road is closed and of unknown use. On the horizon across the ice are White Island, Minna Bluff, Black Island, Mount Discovery, Brown Peninsula and then the Royal Society Range. The ice runway is below and all of McMurdo Station can be seen to the right. Above McMurdo is Hut Point. To the right of Hut Point is Arrival Heights, with White Dome (in front) and Grey Dome (behind). Beyond Grey Dome is Tent Island and Inaccessible Island. Castle Rock is prominent at right, with Erebus behind it. At far right is the T-Site (where T stands for Transmitter), on top of Fortress Rocks, with Crater Hill behind it. The transmitters on the T-Site communicate with the satellite uplink on Black Island to provide all communication to and from McMurdo.

Click to enlargeThe plaque at the top of Ob Hill.
Click to enlargeWhat Gaelen would look like if he were a 1930s newspaper photographer.

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