Picture Gallery for Fri 2006-11-17 19:22:48 UTC

Click to enlargeEnzo and Barth check the grounding situation at the PV.
Click to enlargeAfter hours of meticulous affixing of cables to the ACS crate, I remove them all (well most of them) to see where our grounds are getting crossed.
Click to enlargeMarco and Gaelen route thermometer cables up the mirror struts.
Click to enlargeThe primary with mirror cover off.
Click to enlargeEnzo investigates our spare gyroscope (the small box at bottom with wires coming out of it)
Click to enlargeMarie fixes a cable.
Click to enlargeMarie and Enzo solder some wires together. This sort of job often requires three or four hands. In the past I've contemplated growing an extra one or two just to make things easier when soldering.
Click to enlargeMarco leans precariously over the primary mirror to mount one of the ferrings.
Click to enlargeGaelen takes a break.
Click to enlargeA container set up for our near focus tests.
Click to enlargeSun on White Island. In front of the illuminated part of White Island you can see the AnDRILL camp, with its tall drilling rig surrounded by other, lower buildings
Click to enlargeAnother shot of AnDRILL.
Click to enlargeCables running out to the secondary mirror along one of the support struts.
Click to enlargeMarie and Nick get ready to start balancing.
Click to enlargeThe sun behind the highbay. Note the sunlight refracted in the ice crystal clouds.

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