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Click to enlargeLowering the solar panel crate.
Click to enlargeMatt's white tape based mounting scheme for some relays in the Motorised Valve Box.
Click to enlargeThe DAS. Note the vibration dampening dessicant pads around the plumbing.
Click to enlargeMore virbration dampening dessicant.
Click to enlargeThe Receiver.
Click to enlargeMarie opens up the ISC again.
Click to enlargeMatt the Cook makes us pizza for lunch.
Click to enlargeMarie and Mark examine the ISC.
Click to enlargeThe SIP in place.
Click to enlargeErebus under the clouds.
Click to enlargeThe stairs up to our porch.
Click to enlargeMark ties down the balance tank with some aircraft webbing.
Click to enlargeExtracting the solar panels.
Click to enlargeMarie hears a screw rattling around after re-assembling the ISC.
Click to enlargeEnzo's RF shielding of the DAS-Receiver cables.
Click to playBarth takes a video of me...
Click to enlarge... he was actually trying to take a picture.
Click to enlargeThe CSBF guys test the pivot passthrough.
Click to enlargeThe (temporary) pressure gague on the ISC is incoveniently located for plugging in the cables.
Click to enlargeWeighing the ISC.
Click to enlargeMark mounts the ISC.
Click to enlargeNick, Matt and Gaelen on the shuttle back to McMurdo.
Click to enlargeIvan passes us heading out to LDB as we head in. The weather's fine, it's just the window of the shuttle that is foggy.
Click to enlargeOur Delta for the trip to Cape Evans.
Click to enlargeLooking out of the Delta's windows. Note the broken glass. Most of the panes of glass are cracked from previous passengers heads. The Delta can be a bumpy ride.
Click to enlargeThe Ice Runway with several LC-130s parked.
Click to enlargeA glacier on the Transantarctic Mountains.
Click to enlargeCastle Rock from the other side.
Click to enlargeMarie on the Delta.
Click to enlargeNick.
Click to enlargeThe Erebus Glacial Tongue, with pressure ridges and seals.

Click to Enlarge
(18999x1100, 10123.72 kb) A 270 degree panorama from near the Erebus Glacial Tongue in Erebus Bay. The road I'm standing on here is on annual sea ice, which should melt sometime later in the year, depending on sea conditions. When this ice melts, this area will form Erebus Bay. The line of pressure ridges demark the Erebus Glacial Tongue, a long glacier which sticks far out into the bay and doesn't melt with the seasons. The tongue is now mostly buried beneath the snow because this ice hasn't melted for a few years, due to icebergs partially blocking McMurdo Sound further to the north for the past few years, which has led to less meltage.

Mount Erebus is at left, north of northeast. Near centre, just left of the road you can make out Castle Rock and the rest of Hut Point Peninsula. On the right side of the road is first Black Island, and then Mount Discovery. In front and slightly right of Discovery is the low-lying Brown Peninsula. Then comes Mount Morning and then a gap where the Koetlitz Glacier is. On the other side of the glacier is the Royal Society Range. The next gap is the Ferrar Glacier. To the right is the Kukri Hills, and then the Asgard and Olympus Ranges, where the famous dry valleys are. At right is Granite Harbour.

Click to enlargeStopping to get a look at the seals. The black rock in the background is Tent Island.
Click to enlargeAnother picture of the same.
Click to enlargeChris in front of Erebus.
Click to enlargeTent Island, with Inaccessible Island behind it.
Click to enlargeThe Delta.
Click to enlargeThe Delta.
Click to enlargePressure ridges.
Click to enlargeErebus.
Click to enlargeInaccessible Island.
Click to enlargeBig Razorback. There's a field camp at the base, as well as many seals.
Click to enlargeTent Island from the other side.
Click to enlargeInaccessible Island.
Click to enlargeTerra Nova Hut at Cape Evans.
Click to enlargeErebus from Cape Evans.
Click to enlargeTerra Nova Hut at Cape Evans, with Wind Vane Hill at right.
Click to enlargeA fish hut at Cape Evans, used to study local wildlife.
Click to enlargeThe hole in the ice inside the fish hut. The reflection you see is from the sea water.
Click to enlargeIce hole.
Click to enlargeIce Hole.
Click to enlargeIce Hole.
Click to enlargeOur Delta waits for our return.
Click to enlargeMarco takes some pictures.

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(13639x1364, 10362.37 kb) A 360 degree panorama of Cape Evans from the sea ice. The cut is roughly north. Just right of the delta are the cliffs of the Barne Glacier. Beyond the glacier you can just make out the hills of Cape Royds, where Shackelton's Hut is. Omnipresent Erebus smokes away left of centre. The highlands to the right of the volcano is Turks Head Ridge. Following the line of people you'll find Scott's Terra Nova Hut, half buried in snow. Just left of the orange fish hut is Wind Vane hill with a cross on top. To the right of the fish hut is Cape Evans proper, and, much more prominently, Inaccessible Island further right. To the northwest, beneath the sun are the Transantarctic Mountains. The prominent glacier reflecting the sun is probably Mackay Glacier, which falls into Granite Harbour at the north end of the dry valleys area.

There are two Mark Halperns in this image, as well as Matt's disembodied shadow. Try to find them, if you'd like. Note that the sea ice here is largely clear of packed snow, since this ice is only a year old. The sea ice on the other side of Ross Island, where Willy Field is, never melts, so it has accumulated many seasons of snow. Note also the sundogs.

Click to enlargeErebus.
Click to enlargeCrack in the sea ice near the transition.
Click to enlargeTerra Nova Hut.
Click to enlargeLooking back from Terra Nova Hut over the ice shelf towards the Transantarctics.
Click to enlargeWind Vane Hill with cross at top.
Click to enlargeTerra Nova Hut.
Click to enlargeTerra Nova Hut.
Click to enlargeThe bank around the hut is high.
Click to enlargeSome hundred year old supplies.
Click to enlargeSome hundred year old supplies.
Click to enlargeScott's Hut Cape Evans plaque.
Click to enlargeMatt about to go inside.
Click to enlargeThe north side of the hut.
Click to enlargeLooking back towards the ice.
Click to enlargeThe east side of the hut.
Click to enlargeOld nails and leather outside.
Click to enlargeMarco peers inside.
Click to enlargeErebus from the hut.
Click to enlargeHundred year old stuff.
Click to enlargeBroken glass.
Click to enlargeOld cans.
Click to enlargeOld cans.
Click to enlargeHundred year old trash.
Click to enlargeThe roof.
Click to enlargeInside the door. After a hundred years. the fire extinguishers look like new!
Click to enlargeThe second delta arrives.
Click to enlargeThe plaque inside the door.
Click to enlargeB.A.E. Shore Party.
Click to enlargeInside the hut.
Click to enlargeTins of cocoa.
Click to enlargePiquant and delicious condiments.
Click to enlargeTins of pea flour.
Click to enlargeWork bench.
Click to enlargeWork bench.
Click to enlargeEmperor penguin on the disecting table.
Click to enlargeScott's bunk.
Click to enlargeThe Illustrated London News, Saturday, February 29, 1908.
Click to enlargeThe dark room.
Click to enlargeThe chemistry lab.
Click to enlargeA framed piece of tin foil of unknown use.
Click to enlargeA china pot on the table, incongruously bright.
Click to enlargeMore glassware.
Click to enlargeAnother bunk.
Click to enlargeSupplies on the shelf.
Click to enlargeThe heater.
Click to enlargeFry's Cocoa.
Click to enlargeThe galley.
Click to enlargeMy entry in the log.
Click to enlargeCocoa, Mustard, Salt. A delicious combination.
Click to enlargeAmerican Baked Beans.
Click to enlargeTable and chamber pot.
Click to enlargeEntirely free from injurious acids.
Click to enlargeThe "Tennaments".
Click to enlargeThe kitchen, again.
Click to enlargeShovels and spades.
Click to enlargeFrozen seal hides.
Click to enlargeLooking down the stables.
Click to enlargeIce on the beams.
Click to enlargeHundred year old tack.
Click to enlargeA stall.
Click to enlargeOriginal supplies.
Click to enlargeArchaeological supplies.
Click to enlargeBack to the original supplies.
Click to enlargeMore square tins.
Click to enlargeThe ponies' names are still on the stall walls: Khan Sahib.
Click to enlargeGulab.
Click to enlargeAbdullah.
Click to enlargeBegum.
Click to enlargePujaree
Click to enlargeRani
Click to enlargePengiun eggs.
Click to enlargeTools.
Click to enlargeA bicycle.
Click to enlargeThe wall is made of old crates.
Click to enlargeThe wall is made of old crates.
Click to enlargeMore crates outside.
Click to enlargeLooking up Wind Vane Hill.
Click to enlargeA cairn at the top of Wind Vane Hill.
Click to enlargeWind Vane Hill Cross.
Click to enlargeWind Vane Hill Cross, with Marco in the background.
Click to enlargeThe plaque at the base of the cross.
Click to enlargeLooking down at the hut from the hill.

Click to Enlarge
(13677x1364, 9831.72 kb) Another 360 degree panorama of Cape Evans, this time from the top of Wind Vane Hill. The cut is southeastish, in the middle of the Turks Head Ridge. Turks Head itself is the bare headland sticking out into the bay. The glacial tongue follows to the right, leading to Little and Big Razorback. The other island just to the Left of Little Razorback is Turtle Rock, which is considerably further away. Castle Rock and the rest of the Hut Point Peninsula can be seen behind Big Razorback. To the right of Hut Point, in the distance is Black Island; closer and to the right is Tent Island, and closer still is Inaccessible Island. Several ranges of the Transantarctic Mountains can be seen behind the cross. Above the hut are the cliffs of Barne Glacier, and Mount Erebus, to the east, is at right.

Click to enlargeThe Wind Vane Hill Cross plaque.
Click to enlargeLooking over at Tent Island (left) and Inaccessible Island (right).
Click to enlargeCongregating back at the delta.
Click to enlargeErebus from Wind Vane Hill.
Click to enlargeLooking down at the hut with glacial cliffs in the distance.
Click to enlargeLooking down at the hut with glacial cliffs in the distance.
Click to enlargeWind carved snow.
Click to enlargeBack at the delta.
Click to enlargeThe delta waits to take us back.
Click to enlargeThe delta waits to take us back.
Click to enlargeSwapping experiences while waiting to go back.
Click to enlargeSome suspiciously Kiwi Green containers near the hut.
Click to enlargeChris checks out the camera.
Click to enlargeNick.
Click to enlargeInaccessible island from the road. I tried to get a census to go over there and access it and then rename the island, but no one wanted to go.
Click to enlargeTent island.

Click to Enlarge
(6704x1375, 4671.97 kb) A panorama from the ice road showing Turks Head at left, Little Razorback, Turtle Rock in the distance, Big Razorback, and then the Hut Point Peninsula.

Click to enlargeGaelen with Tent Island.
Click to enlargeLooking across the ice towards the mountains.
Click to enlargeMark Halpern a.k.a Enzo Pascale.
Click to enlargeMe and Erebus.
Click to enlarge"Nazi's People Oppressed by Raytheon". When I first read this, I parsed it differently, but that possessive only makes this sense reasonable.
Click to enlargeAnother BLAST sticker in the Delta.
Click to enlargeMatt, Chris and Marie.
Click to enlargeIvan picks us up in the morning during a flurry.
Click to enlargeThe view from the bus during the snow flurry.
Click to enlargeScott Base.

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