Picture Gallery for Mon 2006-11-13 22:00:07 UTC

Click to enlargeGaelen checks for faulty wiring in the DAS cables.
Click to enlargeCalibrating thermometers in a bath of ice and water.
Click to enlargeHeading over to the galley for lunch.
Click to enlargeStrange, headless thanksgiving decorations.

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(3024x1254, 2062.91 kb) Erebus and Terror among the clouds.

Click to enlargeClouds around Mt. Terror.
Click to enlargeThe X-Y Stage outside for cold testing.
Click to enlargeThe sun sensor is not a seat.
Click to enlargeWeighing the cryostat.
Click to enlargeThe BLAST bread pan. It hasn't been used for making bread since 2003, but we still carry it around with us. There's a computer power supply next to it. Oh, the dichotomy.
Click to enlargeMarie hoists the gondola for mounting in the inner frame.
Click to enlargeInserting the cryostat.
Click to enlargeAn impressive feat of stacking at the top of the mezzanine stairs.
Click to enlargeStill getting the cryostat into place.
Click to enlargeSun shield panels stored in a creative place, up on the wall.
Click to enlargeChris takes some precarious footage of the cryostat insertion.
Click toplayIn this video, I scoop Paul Devlin.
Click to enlargeMarie plugs in the pump underneath the gondola.
Click to enlargeEnzo meticulously resolders some capicitors on one of the BLAST cards.
Click to enlargePushing ANITA's porch back into place. It was already in place, so I'm not sure why they moved it.
Click to enlargeA flatbed delta brings in supplies.
Click to enlargeHrm. Doesn't look good for one of the flight computers.
Click to enlargeThe cryostat in place, with the DAS (right) and Receiver (left) also mounted and cabled.
Click to enlargeBarth and Chris play pool.
Click to enlargeThe pressure ridges have gotten really big.

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