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Click to enlargeNick, Chris, Enzo and Marie inspect the FTS.
Click to enlargeGaelen and Matt clean up the mezzanine for the CSBF guys to work in.
Click to enlargeMatt balancing foam.
Click to enlargeThe twin otter on the runway in the distance.
Click to enlargeThe twin otter.

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(4108x1376, 2997.30 kb) The otter at Willy Field. Unfortunately the middle panel in this panorama isn't crisp enough.

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(5654x1243, 4001.76 kb) After taking the above panorama, I turned around and took this one of the LDB Camp. On the left is a large collection of support vehicles. Past that is the storage berm. Near centre are the LDB buildings and on the right is the partially buried Pig Barn, the location of the old LDB camp.

Click to enlargeOne last look at the otter.
Click to enlargeThe Royal Society Range (again).
Click to enlargeA skua.
Click to enlargeA skua. Skuas are one of the very few Antarctic wildlife. They're like seagulls, but browner, more rapacious and generally less nice. If you can think of any redeaming quality a seagull might have, a skua won't have it.
Click to enlargeThe Freak Train pre-show: learning about human growth.
Click to enlargeBob and Sandwitch Girl sing the pickle song.
Click to playProud Mary.
Click to enlargeThe bearded lady dances.
Click to enlargeBottles.
Click to enlargeBottles.
Click to enlargeCans go on the other table.
Click to playAn odd sort of band play "Louie, Louie".
Click to enlargeThe banjolele.
Click to enlargeOur three finalists. There was a fourth, but he left before the judging commenced. The winner, by a landslide, was Proud Mary.
Click to enlargeThe remains of the evening.
Click to enlargeChris after a long night.

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(8088x1256, 5229.17 kb) The view of McMurdo from up near the Scott Base Road at night. At left is a row of sea crates. At right is Arrival Heights and the Scott Base Road. Buildings in this photo include, from right:
  • Flammable Storage (hut 174), greenish building at far right with two rows of windows
  • Waste Management (hut 185), the semicircular building in front of Flammables Storage.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Facility (hut 143), the large yellow building just left of the power pole.
  • Movement Control Center, Post Office, Central Supply (hut 140), the double building left of the VMF with a white garage door on it's rightmost half.
  • FEMC, IT, NSF Offices (hut 175), the yellow building behind the MCC.
  • Auto Materials Warehouse (hut 132), the first green building behind hut 175.
  • Fuel Department (hut 141), the second green building. Below these buildings, in the parking lot is Ivan the Terra Bus.
  • Environmental Health and Saftey (hut 192), the yellow shack in the distance, to the left of Ivan the Terra Bus.
  • Electrical Warehouse (hut 121), the prominent green building right of centre.
  • IS, Food Storage (hut 120), the second prominent green building, behind hut 121.
  • Building 155 (hut 155), the sprawling building to the left of the two green warehouses. Building 155 is the heart of McMurdo, housing the galley, laundry, library, the station store, a barber shop, television and radio studios, office, and a large dorm.
  • Behind Building 155 are four brown dorms (huts 206 to 209)
  • Just to the right of these four dorms you can see the corner of another tan building, which is my dorm (hut 203C)
  • Southern Exposure Club (hut 107), the smoking bar, the small, white building just past Building 155.
  • Medical (hut 142), a.k.a. McMurdo General Hospital, the white building in shadow to the left of Building 155.
  • Joint Spacecraft Operations Center (hut 189), the tall building behind medical.
  • Utilities / Facilities (hut 136), the prominent shadowed building in forground
  • Science Support Center (hut 4), the white L shaped building to the right of Utilities, partially obscured by sun beams
  • NSF Dorms (huts 166, 137, 125), to the left in the distance.
  • Berg Field Center (hut 160), the gabled building to the left of the dorms
  • Cargo Warehouse (hut 73), the semicircular building left of the Berg Field Center.
  • Electrical Warehouse (hut 87), the building on the right up on the hill
  • Old Water Plant (hut 126), the building on the left up on the hill

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