Picture Gallery for Fri 2006-11-10 21:10:44 UTC

Click to enlargeMatt disassembles a microphone.
Click to enlargeThe FTS (Fourier transform spectrometer) out of its crate.
Click to enlargeMarie leak checks the star cameras.
Click to enlargeMarie leak checks the star cameras. Note that Mark has "fixed" the leak checker(at right) by adding several more hoses and fittings, and another pump.
Click to enlargeMarco and Matt working on electronics.
Click to playThe X-Y stage rastering. It's very slow. A complete scan takes a few hours. Fortunately this video does not.
Click to enlargeMark's additions to the leak checker.
Click to enlargeMatt tricks out one of Paul Devlin's camera.
Click to enlargeThe FTS opened up to check alignment. The beam enters at top left, where the laser is, goes around a corner (via a mirror) and hits the beam splitter in the middle. After this part of the beam hits the bottom mirror, is reflected back and then out the left hand side, while the other part hits the mirror on the right, which moves, and then recombines with the first one to produce the interference pattern.
Click to enlargeAnother shot of the FTS. Note the red laser spot on the mirror at top, and also on the beam splitter below it. We use the FTS to measure the frequency response of the bolometers (ie. which colours they can see).
Click to enlargeBert the fork lift. It moves very slowly.
Click to enlargeMark finally diagnoses the leak in the OSC: a bad valve on the end of the test plumbing. Not a piece that will fly and also an easy fix.
Click to enlargeMarie and Chris check to see if the FTS works.
Click to playThe movable mirror inside the FTS moving. Enzo is checking to see if it is aligned.
Click to enlargeThe X-Y stage scanning and cordoned off with white tape to prevent people from accidentally stepping in the cryostat beam while we're taking measurements.
Click to enlargeA strange email about how the USAP is going to save money by renaming "Regulated Medical Waste" "Sanitary Waste", and also introduce a new category "Sharps" (ie. razor blades, &c.). The most interesting part of the email is the writer's slogan. (Look at the bottom.)
Click to enlargeBLAST's chin rewelded. Hopefully it will fit.
Click to enlargeAttaching the FTS.
Click to enlargeThe Supergauge, monitoring the evacuation of the FTS chamber.
Click to playViolent shaking of the hose and Supergague as the FTS is pumped down.
Click to playLiquid nitrogen boiling in the cold source.
Click to enlargeLiquid nitrogen boiling.
Click to enlargeLiquid nitrogen boiling.
Click to enlargeMarie runs the FTS attached to the cryostat.
Click to enlargeA closer view of the FTS attached to the cryostat. Note the intricate use of lab jacks and lead bricks to get the FTS to the right height.
Click to enlargeGetting on Ivan at the end of the day.
Click to enlargeThey're starting to lay the fuel line out to Willy Field, in preparation for opening the air field next month. Note the Kiwi road crossing the line out on the ice.
Click to enlargeLooking down on the ice shelf. The Willy Field road, which can be seen crossing along the edge of the land at bottom, disappears off to the left before reappearing at left and heading rightwards towards the LDB camp in the distance. Total distance on the ice: about 8 miles.
Click to enlargeAnother view of the new fuel line.
Click to enlargeDon't be a Watt Hog.
Click to enlargeThe driers in the dorm come with a "moisture monitor". It's unclear to me what sort of information this monitor tells me and whether I should care.
Click to playGaelen and Nick face off in air hockey. Gaelen was to retire undefeated.

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