Picture Gallery for Thu 2006-11-09 19:31:31 UTC

Click to enlargeMarco shows off the endcap of his secondary strut ferrings.
Click to enlargeGaelen, Enzo and Chris discuss secondary alignment.
Click to enlargeOne of the ferrings attached.
Click to enlargeNick assembles the X-Y stage.
Click to enlargeFortunately for us, delicious hot cocoa is so easy to make.
Click to enlargeGaelen.
Click to enlargeMy nook. I have a handy window overlooking cryo corner.
Click to enlargeEnzo and Chris take a look at how the cryostat is cooling.
Click to enlargeThe storage berm.
Click to enlargeThe storage berm.
Click to enlargeThe LDB camp.
Click to enlargeMatt, Marie and Mark show up by van.
Click to enlargeEnzo assembles the chopped source.
Click to enlargeErebus smokes away.
Click to enlargeThe SBI gondola stored on the other highbay's porch.
Click to enlargeA lot of thermometers waiting to be attached to the gondola.
Click to enlargeMarco wires thermometry cables next to the X-Y stage scanning the gondola.
Click to enlargeMark disassembles the leak checker.
Click to enlargeMy compass rose in the snow. I made it to figure out where to put the labels in the annotated panoramas yesterday. The long spur points north.
Click to enlargeIvan heads away from Derelict Junction after dropping us off.
Click to enlargeThe door to the coffee house, AKA the wine bar.
Click to enlargeScrabble! One of the contentious words of the day: ob.
Click to enlargeChecking on the cryostat in the morning.

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