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Click to enlargeSafety 3rd, the BLAST motto.

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(9448x1352, 8312.19 kb) The horizon for Willy Field from East to North annotated with prominent landmarks, and directions. The directions are approximate and may be off by a point or so.

Click to enlargeThe LDB Camp Office now has the welcome sign posted outside.

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(11376x1232, 8718.94 kb) The horizon looking the other way: from West to South, again annotated as above.

Click to enlargeOur highbay now sports a porch. Before they pushed it up, they told us there would be a big gap between it and the building and that the deck would be at a different level than the floor inside. Neither of these ended up being true, which we're very happy for.
Click to enlargeMark and Nick do another nitrogen transfer while, in the background Marie plumbs the inner frame balance system.
Click to enlargeOne of the solar array panels, ready for testing.
Click to enlargeAn old munitions box serves as a convenient place to bundle up some cables.
Click to enlargeMark checks the ferrings (aluminum wedges) which we're planning to put on the secondary support struts.
Click to enlargeChris cables up the secondary actuators.
Click to enlargeGaelen and Nick check solar panels outside.
Click to enlargeHauling BLAST outside. This is by far the easiest (and coldest) time we've had of it: the hoist goes all the way out.
Click to enlargeBLAST out on the porch.
Click to enlargeBLAST out on the porch.
Click to enlargeBLAST out on the porch.
Click to enlargeBLAST out on the porch.
Click to enlargeSun reflecting off the secondary mirror.
Click to enlargeWith the gondola out of the way, suddenly we have a lot more space inside.
Click to enlargeChris and Marco, both working with SolidWorks, a CAD tool.
Click to enlargeThe last solar panel finished.
Click to enlargeThe welders get instruction on how to put the chin back together.
Click to enlargeAt the outdoor recreation seminar.
Click to enlargeA helicopter hovers over McMurdo.
Click to enlargeA schematic of the view from Hut Point.
Click to enlargeAn inscription on one of the stiles in town. Starting from the bottom: "Across a room today two strangers speak each other's tongue."
Click to enlargeEnzo and Marco challenge each other at foosball. Competition can be fierce.
Click to enlargeDanger: Confined Space; Do not Enter. It never would have occurred to me to enter had I not seen the sign. Now it seems like it might be an interesting thing to do. Matt figures a better warning sign would have been "Danger: Diesel Fuel."
Click to enlargeLeaving McMurdo for Willy Field.
Click to enlargeOur helium tankers below Ob Hill.
Click toplayCresting the hill above Scott Base in Ivan.
Click to enlargeLooking over Scott Base towards AnDRILL, on the ice shelf. The black dot at centre among the pressure ridges is a seal.
Click to enlargeA Delta on the road below us.
Click to enlargeThe Delta.
Click to enlargeThe Royal Society Range.
Click to enlargeThe Pig Barn. The small black flags visible among the power poles to the left mark the spot of the other buildings of the old LDB camp, now buried under snow.
Click to enlargeThe survival cache in our highbay. Contents: 15 sleeping bags, 7 cots, 8 pads, 60 dehydrated meals, 64 oatmeal packets. There's also a cache of flags on bamboo poles.
Click to enlargeDo Not Freeze, a.k.a Don't dress up the penguins in little tuxedos.

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