Picture Gallery for Mon 2006-11-06 19:27:19 UTC

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If you're wondering what's happening, during our walk out to to Hut Point the rock under my foot dislodged and I lost my balance. Most fortunately I wasn't injured, but I landed on my camera and as a result it stopped working. When we got back to the dorms I took a closer look and discovered:

  • There's a magnificent dent in the camera.
  • There's a magnificent dent in the compact flash card.
  • The battery was dead.
The dent has caused the back plate to cave into the compact flash cavity, the reason for the damage to the flash card. The battery cavity is directly behind the flash cavity, and presumably the impact shorted the battery somehow. The result:
  • The flash card that was in my camera is dead. It contained all the pictures for Monday, so no pictures, for today. Fortunately Gaelen is here to pick up the slack. I have another, smaller flash card which I'll try to made do with.
  • The battery, after recharging, seems to work.
  • The dent makes it very difficult to insert or remove the flash card without a fair bit of persuading.
  • The optics and electronics seem fine, which is fortunate.

This picture shows the final resting place of the dead flash card, and was the first picture I took with the resuscitated camera. If you're wondering about the orange, I thought it would be appropriate to add some flowers to the picture, but they're hard to get in Antarctica, so I opted for the closest thing I could find.

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