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Click to enlargeNick and Enzo balance the inner frame.
Click to enlargeThe cryostat cools down.
Click to enlargeChris works on the secondary actuators and Marie works on the star cameras in the mezzanine.
Click to enlargeMarco inspects the secondary struts.
Click to enlargeThe star camera computer.
Click to enlargeEnzo and Nick, still balancing the inner frame.
Click to enlargeMark in cryo corner.
Click to enlargeChris and Matt do another nitrogen transfer.
Click to enlargeMarco takes measurements of the inner frame.
Click to enlargeThe secondary mirror and actuators reassembled. The secondary is lying face down in this image.

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(6771x1155, 3641.60 kb) A view of one of the long drops against a background of snow and cloudy skies. In the distance, a caterpillar is compacting the snow out on the runway. This was actually my first attempt at the following panorama, but with everything roughly the same shade of grey, I lost track of where I was in the shot, so I decided to start again.

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(8992x1264, 5177.10 kb) The view from Willy Field. On the left is Mt. Erebus, obscured by clouds, roughly northwest. On the right, the most prominent land is White Island, roughly souteast. The flags which run from the caterpillar rightward towards White Island demark the Williams Field Skiway, which operates December to February, and accomodates ski equipped aircraft, such as LC-130s and Twin Otters.

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(7808x1192, 4398.51 kb) This is essentially a continuation of the previous, but taken from another part of Willy Field. On the left is White Island; next to it is Black Island, just left of the pig barn. On the right of the pig barn is Mt. Discovery, with Brown Peninsula next to it. Straight down the road, in the far distance, is the Royal Society Range, on the continent. The next prominent peak in the near background is Observation (Ob) Hill. McMurdo is on the other side, and the pass between it and the rest of the highlands of Ross Island is where the road into town goes. Ross Island, then provides the backdrop behind the storage berm in the midground. The most prominent peak right of Ob Hill is Castle Rock. The foot of Erebus is obscured on the right edge.

Click to enlargeEnzo rotates the gondola to check for clearance.
Click to enlargeLeveling the outer frame. An angle star (electronic protractor) is balanced on top of the elevation motor, and displaying the tilt of the outer frame.
Click to enlargeMarie working on the star camera.
Click to enlargeGaelen takes a reading of the angle star.
Click to play3 minutes with the cryostat.
Click to playScanning the gondola in azimuth.
Click to enlargeWaiting for Ivan to pick us up after work.
Click to playIvan arrives.
Click to enlarge"Highway 1", the official name of the main hallway in building 155, which houses the galley, the store, the library, the central laundry facilities, and is the hub of McMurdo.
Click to enlargeMark and Enzo walk to Scott Base, a little more than half an hour.
Click to enlargeThe kiwis hang up the hammock.
Click to enlargeKiwizilla
Click to enlargeMarie poses at the beach.
Click to enlargeOne of our bartenders.
Click to enlargeThe start of the party.
Click to enlargeThe party picks up.
Click to enlargeMark poses at the beach.
Click to playPlaying some tetherball.
Click to enlargeNick poses at the beach.
Click to enlargePartygoers on the porch.
Click to enlargeNick chills on the beach.
Click to enlargeLater, Nick regrets giving his shirt to Matt for safe keeping.
Click to enlargeA look back at Scott Base.
Click to enlargeScott Base again, all of it painted "Scott Base Green".
Click to enlargeThe flag of New Zealand flies over the base.
Click to enlargeBeing Canadian, Matt finds the weather nippy but refreshing, and, after a bit of fun with Nick, decides a little relaxation is in order.
Click to enlargeLooking over the ice shelf. One of the black dots below appears to be a seal.
Click to enlargeOne of the odder photographs on Highway 1.

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