Picture Gallery for Thu 2006-11-02 20:07:09 UTC

Click to enlargeThe various different waste containers in the high bay.
Click to enlargeMark shows off his cigars.
Click to enlargeCryostat optics alignment.
Click to enlargeCryostat optics alignment.
Click to enlargeChris checks out the pumps (orange) with a flashlight.
Click to enlargeThe empty pressure vessel on the bench for reassembly.
Click to enlargeMore alignment. The red dot inside the optics box comes from a laser.
Click to enlargeMt. Erebus. It's much farther away and bigger than it looks.
Click to enlargeThe long drop. It's about 30 meters from the highbay.
Click to enlargePadron Cigars.
Click to enlargeMarco, Matt and Gaelen in the highbay.
Click to enlargeMarco walks back from lunch.
Click to enlargeThe long drop with flag deployed. When you're inside, you're supposed to stick the flag outside to indicate to other people that it's in use. This saves people from trekking all the way over to it, only to discover that the door is locked.
Click to enlargeA black flag means "Danger, don't go here." Two black flags crossed like this mean "No, really, we mean it."
Click to enlargeThe pig barn, the previous integration facilities. Operations got tired of digging it out of the snow every year, so the new buildings are on skids, and the building are just hauled up onto the snow at the start of the season.
Click to enlargeLooking back at the LDB facilities.
Click to enlargeRefueling the galley.
Click to enlargeBringing in nitrogen.
Click to enlargeBringing in nitrogen.
Click to enlargeMatt tries to figure out how to do his absentee ballot.
Click to enlargeThe last dregs of the Jolly Ranchers from Palestine.
Click to enlargeIvan the Terra Bus arrives at Willy Field.
Click to enlargeMarco lock-tights jack screws on the ACS.
Click to enlargeEnzo on the phone.
Click to enlargeMatt checks on the bolometers, to see if they're still working after shipping.
Click to enlargeNick hangs the pivot.
Click to enlargeMt. Erebus.
Click to enlargeOn the way back to base.
Click to enlargeOne of the few street signs on the continent, outside Scott base.
Click to enlargeWhite dome, which overlooks McMurdo. Behind is brown dome.
Click to enlargeMark demonstrates proper ice cream cone manufacture.
Click to enlargeA heated game of foosball.
Click toplayGaelen tries some sculling. Note the 8 bit graphics on the screen.
Click to enlargeThe trash matrix. Trash is sorted into very fine categories.
Click to enlargeThe best things to do on the bus to work: read or sleep.
Click to enlargeThe pressure ridges.
Click to enlargeThe hairpin turn outside Scott Base.
Click to enlargeSome of the LDB guys check out our new snow mobiles before taking them to Willy Field.
Click to enlargeGetting into work.

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