Picture Gallery for Mon 2006-10-30 03:28:53 UTC

Click to enlargeCranmer Square near the hotel.
Click to enlargeAn odd contraption in someone's yard. Possible a wind powered tea maker.
Click to enlargeThe entrance to Hagley Park on Armagh Street.
Click to enlargeAn odd bit of roadwork that Matt pointed out. At least it's properly signed.
Click to enlargeThe reason for the above oddity.
Click to enlargeWaiting in the CDC (Clothing Distribution Center) to get our gear. Sample gear is on the wall.
Click to enlargeInside the International Antarctic Center.
Click to enlargeThe visitors' center at the Antarctic Center.
Click to enlargePenguin cookies.
Click to enlargeMarco has a bite to eat before we head back to the CDC.
Click to enlargeThe USAP's hangar at the airport.
Click to enlargeOur plane, a C-17 Globemaster, waits on the tarmac.
Click to enlargeWatching the ECW video.
Click to enlargeMy Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) Gear.
Click to enlargeMy checklist of ECW gear. There's lots of stuff. I returned some of the stuff I didn't really need.
Click to enlargeBags of ECW gear ready to go. Everyone gets two bags, one for checked gear and one for carry-on.
Click to enlargeWaiting at the laptop screening counter.
Click to enlargeFlags of some of the signatories of the Antarctic Treaty.
Click to enlargeThe only gate in the Antarctic Passenger Terminal.
Click to enlargeOperation Deep Freeze's coat of arms.
Click to enlargeA list of United States servicemen who have lost their lives during Operation Deep Freeze.
Click to enlargeMy computer passes inspection.

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