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Click to enlargeThe Art Gallery.
Click to enlargeA statue outside Dux DeLux
Click to playJumping the gap!
Click to playA tandem jump.
Click to playAnother tandem jump.
Click to enlargeThe stunt riders (Chuck Norris and Nick Franklin) salute the crowd.
Click to enlargeMark and Marie wait for us outside the Art Gallery.
Click to enlargeThe trolley passes by.
Click to enlargeSome kids running around outside the art gallery.

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(4460x1314, 790.49 kb) A view of the Christchurch Art Gallery on Montreal Street.

Click to enlargeInside the art gallery.
Click to playA drain in the Art Gallery pool confirms we're in the southern hemisphere.
Click to enlargeThe entrance to the galleries.

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(5599x1288, 4628.38 kb) The reverse view from the first panorama: inside the Art Gallery looking out towards Montreal Street.

Click to enlargeThe Grange B&B, where I'm staying. The building on the right is the Windsor, where Enzo's staying.
Click to enlargeThe gondola loading area. The gondolas don't stop, so getting on can be tricky.
Click to enlargeHills near the gondola terminus.
Click to enlargeLooking back north at Christchurch.
Click to enlargeSome gondola don't seem as fancy as others. Sadly they didn't let us ride in this one.
Click to enlargeMarie on the gondola.
Click to enlargeEnzo on the gondola.
Click to enlargeMark on the gondola.
Click to enlargeGondola scenery.
Click to enlargeGondola scenery.
Click to enlargeChristchurch. The city centre is on the left.
Click to enlargeLooking gown the gondola route.
Click to enlargeLooking up.
Click to enlargeA cyclist heads up the road passing under the gondola.
Click to enlargeA map of the area. Central Christchurch (where we're staying) is 5. The gondola is 1. Lyttelton is 6, and Diamond Harbour is 12.
Click to enlargeLooking down on Lyttelton.
Click to enlargeAn explanatory note for the last picture.

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(6720x1280, 4823.65 kb) Lyttelton Port of Christchurch on Lyttelton Harbour. The port is on the other side of the hills from Christchurch proper. Beyond the water (Lyttelton Harbour) is the Banks Peninsula.

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(8000x1216, 5443.59 kb) Looking back down from the bluffs northward at Christchurch and the Canterbury Plain. Downtown is on the left. On the right is the large Pegasus Bay.

Click to enlargeLooking back down the gondola track.
Click to enlargeThe ridge road.
Click to enlargeHeading out to Lyttelton.
Click to enlargeThe path wound through some amazing yellowness.
Click to enlargeStopping to admire the scenery.
Click to enlargeThe bridle path. In the end, this was the path we took to Lyttelton, but there was nothing to indicate that this was the thing to do.
Click to enlargeCrater Rim Walkway.
Click to enlargeMark and Marie head down the path.
Click to enlargeLyttelton Harbour.
Click to enlargeLooking back up at the gondola terminus.
Click to enlargeThe ridge road.
Click to enlargeMark surveys the townsite.

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(7224x1080, 4789.95 kb) Mark and Marie look down on Lyttelton. Lyttelton is the main deep water port for South Island.

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(8936x1248, 6094.95 kb) A 180 degree view from the ridge on the top of the Port Hills. On the left is Lyttelton and the Banks Peninsula. On the right is Christchurch and the Canterbury Plain. The Summit Road snakes along the top of the Port Hills. The Banks Peninsula and Lyttelton Harbour are formed from two extinct volcanoes. The Port Hills are part of the crater rim of the Lyttelton Volcano.

Click to enlargeMarie among the flowers and rocks.
Click to enlargeThis path isn't quite so well used.
Click to enlargeThe path disappears under the trees.
Click to enlargeLooking out over the yellow hills.
Click to enlargeMarie and Mark contemplate the way.
Click to enlargeSetting out again.
Click to enlargeHigh Pressure Oil Pipeline.
Click to enlargeArriving at the Women's Memorial.
Click to enlargeThe Women's Memorial, erected 1993.
Click to enlargeThe plaque commemorates the pioneer women who climbed the hill from Lyttelton and rested here with their families, to survey the Canterbury plain where they were to settle. Where were the men, you ask? I assume they just sailed around.
Click to enlargeLooking out from the Women's Memorial at Lyttelton Harbour.
Click to enlargeHeading down the Bridle Path. There were no maps of the hiking trails, but people said we'd know which path to take when we saw it. Unfortunately we saw another path before this one, which we didn't know not to take.
Click to enlargeWe encounter some woolies.
Click to enlargeMore woolies.
Click to enlargeThe town of Lyttelton.
Click to enlargeA bench at the bottom of the Bridle Path.
Click to enlargeA Map of Lyttelton. The main street's London Street.
Click to enlargeThe entrance to the Bridle Path.
Click to enlargeA very friendly, vocal cat.
Click to enlargeA very friendly, vocal cat.
Click to enlargeThe Antarctic Program's ice breaker at port.
Click to enlargeLyttelton.
Click to enlargeThe tunnel to Christchurch.
Click to enlargeAnother view of the ice breaker.
Click to enlargeTimber being loaded in the port. The cats are loading the trucks, so the timber must have come off the ships.
Click to enlargeA plaque commemorating Lyttelton's role in Antarctic research.
Click to enlargeThe Mount Adams.
Click to enlargeLeaving Lyttelton bound for Diamond Harbour.
Click to enlargePassing the Mount Adams. Being empty, it's sitting very high.
Click to playHeading out into the harbour.
Click to enlargeLyttelton.
Click to enlargeLooking back at Lyttelton from Diamond Harbour.
Click to enlargeWalking up to the pub.
Click to enlargeAt the pub.
Click to enlargeThe view of Lyttelton from the pub.
Click to enlargeHorses grazing near the pub.

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(10461x1243, 7158.91 kb) Looking back across Lyttelton Harbour at the Port of Lyttelton from the headland at Diamond Harbour. It has started to rain over the harbour to the west (left). To the east you can see open ocean. At bottom left, obscured by shrubbery is the ferry dock.

Click to playThe ferry comes back to Diamond Harbour.
Click to enlargeBoarding the ferry.
Click to playHeading back to Lyttelton. The ferry kicks up a fair bit of spray.
Click to enlargeLooking at the rain on the bay.
Click to enlargeLooking at the rain on the bay.
Click to enlargeThe lighthouse at the entrance to Lyttelton Port.
Click to enlargeThe prow of the Mount Adams.
Click to enlargeRain!
Click to enlargeThe bus back to Christchurch heads through the tunnel. It was quite long.
Click toplayChange ringing at the cathedral.

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