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Click to enlargeBoarding of the 747 commences at LAX.
Click to enlargeGetting ready to depart LAX.
Click to enlargeMeal choices on the flight. I went with the penne for dinner, and the frittata for breakfast. Tasty.
Click to enlargePossibly the boringest flight imaginable: 12 hours over the featureless Pacific Ocean.
Click to enlargeNight from the back of the 747.
Click to enlargeI get screwed out of having Friday... that always seems to happen.
Click to enlargeOver the Pacific at dawn.
Click to enlargeOur first glimpse of land since leaving the USA.
Click to playFlying onto North Island.
Click to enlargeLanded in Aukland.
Click to enlargeFinal statistics for the flight.
Click to enlargeTaking off from Aukland bound for Christchurch.
Click to enlargeThe Egmont Volcano (Mt. Taranaki) pokes above the cloud cover.
Click to enlargeThe northern tip of South Island, enshrouded in cloud.
Click to enlargeA view of South Island.
Click to enlargeThe peaks of the Southern Alps.
Click to enlargeThe peaks of the Southern Alps.
Click to enlargeThe peaks of the Southern Alps.
Click to enlargeChristchurch in the distance.
Click to enlargeSheepies in a field near Christchurch.
Click to enlargeMarco and Marie wait for the meet-and-greet in Christchurch Airport.
Click to enlargeMark waiting in Christchurch Airport.
Click to enlargeMany other Antarctic Programme participants.
Click to enlargeIn a shuttle van heading out from the airport. Note that I'm sitting in the passenger's seat, on the left hand side of the vehicle. If I squinted, I could pretend I was driving the car using my mind alone.
Click to playTrain!
Click to enlargeMy room at the Grange B and B.
Click to enlargeThe Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings, next to the River Avon.
Click to enlargeChrist Church in Christchurch.
Click to enlargeBig chess.
Click to enlargeKoi in the River Avon.
Click to enlargeChrist Church from the side.
Click to enlargeLooking across Cathedral Square at the cathedral. Unfortunately the Wizard of New Zealand has apparently retired, and no longer orates in the Square.
Click to enlargeThe Chalice in Cathedral Square.
Click to enlargeThe base of the Chalice.
Click to enlargeA large beech tree in the Botanical Gardens.
Click to enlargeA tall monkey puzzle tree.
Click to enlargeThe Peacock Fountain.
Click to enlargeHappy Happy.
Click to enlargeHappy Happy.
Click to enlargeDucklings on the bank of the river.
Click to enlargeMarie checks out some birds hiding under the rhododendrons.
Click to enlargeA World Peace Bell recently erected in the city.
Click to enlargeThe path to the greenhouses.
Click to enlargeThe sun dial is surprisingly accurate. It's reading approximately 2:24, which is right, considering day light savings time.
Added:Gaelen made me realise that I might point out that this sun dial, like all in the southern hemisphere increase anticlockwise, unlike those in the northern hemisphere.
Click to enlargeImportant Notice at the entrance to the greenhouses.
Click to enlargeInscriptions at the entrance to the greenhouses.
Click to enlargeIt's a jungle in here.
Click to enlargeThis one's the flower greenhouse.
Click to enlargeThere was a mind bogglingly large number of Solanceae in the flower greenhouse.
Click to enlargeHere's the cactus greenhouse.
Click to enlargeAnd, as far as I can tell, this is the "weird plant" greenhouse. A couple of the weird plants appear to be growing out of the concrete wall.
Click to enlargeLooking down into the jungle.
Click to enlargeA helpful sign in the Gardens.
Click to enlargeAn impressive pillar-like lawson cedar.
Click to enlargeA really bold bird.
Click to enlargeTwo really bold birds. They're acting defensive. We weren't sure whether they were worried about us or each other.
Click to enlargeThe Bridge of Remembrance over the Avon.
Click to enlargeAnother view of the Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings.
Click to enlargeMy plug adapter. It converts a New Zealand socket (a "sad" face) into a North American/Japanese ("surprised" face) or British ("sleeping" face) socket.

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